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We are conducting a survey of people who have experienced, or know those who have experienced a major wildfire. The macro economic losses have been well chronicled by various news media – the tens of thousands of homes destroyed, the billions of dollars of insurance and liability claims, and the upcoming burden for rate payers and tax payers to recapitalize PG&E.

The group requesting this survey believes that recovering the economic losses after they have occurred is an unsatisfactory substitute for improved means to prevent the economic damage and human tragedy of wildfires before it occurs. As someone who has had first-hand experience with wildfire destruction, we believe that you might be willing to take a minute of your time to answer a few questions, recognizing that your doing so might lead

to preventing this from happening again to yourself or others. 

We appreciate your participation.

                                                                               Simply click...

Thank you for agreeing to take this short survey.  With your help we may be able to prevent this devastation from ever happening again. 


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Tell Us What You Think!

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